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Host Mike Domitrz dives into thought-provoking discussions on building mutually amazing relationships in all areas of our life and how we can take actions each day for further strengthening those relationships. From 1-on-1 interviews with top experts to group discussions with thought leaders to host Mike Domitrz personally sharing his expertise on current happenings in the world, each episode is an unique listening experiences. Your host Mike Domitrz is one of the most sought after experts, authors, and speakers in the world for helping organizations and institutions create a culture of respect for building mutually amazing relationships. Listeners love the passion Mike shares and the diversity of thought in guests he brings on his show. From sexual violence (sexual harassment and sexual assault) to dignity and respect in the workplace for all human beings, the conversation always aims to provide powerful takeaways for listeners.

Mar 4, 2020

Learn how our labels that we create define our moments and days. Discover how to better define each moment so your last bad day is truly behind you! Michael O'Brien and Mike Domitrz converse on these very lessons.
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  1. Take 5 Minutes to Frame Out Your Day (before you look at phone or computer). 
  2. Grab a PBR (Pause. Breath. Reflect.). During the day, being Mindful.
  3. Gratitude (including being grateful for our struggle).
L.A.V.A. Communication Flow
  • Listen (fully to what is being said and not being said)
  • Acknowledge
  • Validate
  • Ask empowering questions (who, what, when, where, how, why)
Michael’s BIO:
Michael has a unique mixture of “in the trenches” executive leadership expertise and his inspirational Last Bad Day story that shifted his perspective on what is possible at work and in life.
Today he elevates successful corporate leaders and their teams by preventing bad moments from turning into bad days and has shared his story on the TEDx stage and with companies like Genentech, Pfizer, and Brother International.
Michael is a strong male ally for women’s leadership and empowerment causes. He’s the first male President of a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association chapter and give all the proceeds of this award-winning, best-selling memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows to World Bicycle Relief. They help girls conquer the challenge of distance by providing mobility and access to education, healthcare, and the market.
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YOUR HOST: Mike Domitrz is the founder of The Center for Respect where he helps educational institutions, the US Military and businesses of all sizes create a culture of respect throughout their organizations. From addressing consent to helping corporations build a workplace free from fear (reducing sexual harassment and helping employees thrive by treating them with respect every day), Domitrz engages audiences by sharing skill sets they can implement into their lives immediately. As an author, trainer, keynote speaker and coach, Mike Domitrz loves working with leaders at all levels. Learn more at