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Host Mike Domitrz dives into thought-provoking discussions on building mutually amazing relationships in all areas of our life and how we can take actions each day for further strengthening those relationships. From 1-on-1 interviews with top experts to group discussions with thought leaders to host Mike Domitrz personally sharing his expertise on current happenings in the world, each episode is an unique listening experiences. Your host Mike Domitrz is one of the most sought after experts, authors, and speakers in the world for helping organizations and institutions create a culture of respect for building mutually amazing relationships. Listeners love the passion Mike shares and the diversity of thought in guests he brings on his show. From sexual violence (sexual harassment and sexual assault) to dignity and respect in the workplace for all human beings, the conversation always aims to provide powerful takeaways for listeners.

Nov 7, 2018

Learn 3 promises that can revolutionize a parent’s ability to build powerful relationships with their kids, especially when you are not able to be physically present for the child with Caroline de Posada as she shares with host Mike Domitrz.
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Caroline’s BIO:
Nurturing special relationships can be a daunting task when you travel, are divorced, or work long hours. Coming from divorced, professional parents and a father, Dr. Joachim de Posada, CSP, who traveled extensively as a global speaker and bestselling author, Caroline de Posada understands the struggle to maintain meaningful & special relationships in our personal and professional lives.
With humor, charisma and authenticity, this engaging storyteller transforms the way busy professionals manage the demands of work and family to reduce stress and build success. Fluent in English and Spanish, Caroline is a seasoned professional speaker, writer, attorney, wife and mother to three little boys.
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Keep Your Eye On The Marshmallow by Joachim de Posada and Bob Andelman