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Host Mike Domitrz dives into thought-provoking discussions on building mutually amazing relationships in all areas of our life and how we can take actions each day for further strengthening those relationships. From 1-on-1 interviews with top experts to group discussions with thought leaders to host Mike Domitrz personally sharing his expertise on current happenings in the world, each episode is an unique listening experiences. Your host Mike Domitrz is one of the most sought after experts, authors, and speakers in the world for helping organizations and institutions create a culture of respect for building mutually amazing relationships. Listeners love the passion Mike shares and the diversity of thought in guests he brings on his show. From sexual violence (sexual harassment and sexual assault) to dignity and respect in the workplace for all human beings, the conversation always aims to provide powerful takeaways for listeners.

Nov 28, 2018

How do women treat other women? What about herself? How do you build community among women? All these topics are dove into with expert, author and TEDx speaker Cyndie Spiegel and host Mike Domitrz.
Cyndie is a TEDx speaker, community builder, small business coach, and author *as of December 2018, woot woot!* She is...

Nov 21, 2018

Dr. Omékongo Dibinga is the UPstander. His life’s mission is to inspire all across the globe to take a stand when they witness an injustice, no matter how small or large. He is a motivational speaker, trilingual poet, TV talk show host, rapper, and professor of cross-cultural communication at American University.


Nov 14, 2018

Gender, relationships, how training has changed, should civilians adjudicate military    cases, creating safe spaces for learning & development, and much more is discussed with 3 retired military professionals who were in charge of addressing sexual assault in their roles in the US Military. 

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Nov 7, 2018

Learn 3 promises that can revolutionize a parent’s ability to build powerful relationships with their kids, especially when you are not able to be physically present for the child with Caroline de Posada as she shares with host Mike Domitrz.
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